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For the past fifteen years, Relationship Marketing Solutions has based its analytics on defining the unique shape of a company's database. Customer segments emerge, crescendo in size and impact, then fall. Corresponding marketing tactics rise and fall in utility when paired correctly with the proper segment. For every block of data there are three main elements: Thresholds, Sweet Spots, and Upside Potential. This determines where to target reinvestment and when to back off. Times are changing. Dynamic marketing approaches look at trends. In additional to frequency and spend, interactions in the digital space influence a marketer's response to guide purchase decisions or to nurture relationships. Rolling reporting helps qualify efforts and seeks to flag further study and opportunities to adjust. We now live in a stream of data. Our success is how we navigate from the middle of it


Have you ever had a golden retriever? They're easy to love (more than most non-furry beings). Why? They're loved for their loyalty. The depth of that emotion can live in B2B and B2C relationships. We can treat our way to obedience with relentless offers and high pitched voices. Or, we can set the stage for symbiosis to occur. Best nurtured loyalty provides return through thick and thin. In this scenario, ROI costs less and delivers more.

Once we have done our discovery to reveal the best candidates for loyalty reinvestment, it's time to build omni-channel campaigns. Hotel, Casino, and Airline loyalty programs rely on Points, Tiered Cards, Direct Mail offers, Promotions, and VIP programs. That's great. New methodologies shorten the timeframe for a customer to establish worth and deliver benefits through real-time and triggered means. Agility is key and Relationship Marketing Solutions can get you there without the layered costs.


Only in the movies is it true that "If you build it, they will come." Likewise, if you say it, write it, or text it, customers may or may not respond. Putting messages out there guarantees nothing. And frankly, services and products are rarely unique. Customers are drawn to more than the face value of an offer. Would you really want a customer who only looks at the size of the coupon or the prize of the promotion to win their business? Though time and attention span are precious commodities, it's human nature to be drawn to the story behind the offering. What's your story? What makes each detail of what you do and who you are interesting? It's there. Don't hide behind a facade of industry jargon and stock images. Void of good storytelling, your customer will bounce to the next entreaty. Good copy. Creative planning. And compelling content that leaves the reader better off than when she started, can occur in every form if you're willing to take the risk to re-humanize your message.

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