Nicole Barker

President and Founder

Pardon me. I’m still trying to figure out how to take the Baby Bjorn logo off the image to the left. Crop the photo, and my face gets larger. Oh Dear.


Not such a new struggle, is it?


You and I have a vision for how to better connect. Sometimes the tech trips us up. Sometimes it catapults us forward. What anchors us is a heartfelt determination to deliver the best experiences to our customers. 


I’m closing in on fifteen years as a consultant. I’ve dived into over 100 CRM databases and delivered novel approaches to clients who want more from their data. Together, we have paved new avenues of connection under the umbrella of sophisticated loyalty programming. There are new forms of connection. There are new ways to slice data. There are better ways to report on results. A dynamic approach alongside the agility to respond to changing behaviors and changing markets keeps us on a path to re-think, re-deploy, and re-humanize data.


Together we can wrangle data, deploy better programs, and entertain with a more personable voice.


I guess the peekaboo Baby Bjorn logo can stay. I am a working mom. Don’t fault me for my showing off my Star Wars bandaids when I wear heels.


That’s just how I roll.