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Nicole Barker

President and Founder

Re-Humanizing Data is an adventure worth pursuing. It's a challenge worth tackling and retackling. How can we ask the right questions to get to compelling answers? How can we continue to inspire marketing strategy and tactics to acquire and retain loyalty?


I'm a marketer in the hospitality space who is constantly corralling data to make each touch point mean more and do more. I have a heartfelt determination to deliver the best experiences to customers. Why? My career began as a dock girl at Roche Harbor Marina and as a front desk clerk at The Disneyland Hotel. I know how hard it is to deliver top quality hospitality on the front lines. I have seen expectation at its fullest when a guest entrusts me and my team with their free time and disposable income. That's why it's important for every communication to demonstrate to the customer: "I see you. I value your business. And I can't wait for what's next."


I’m a consultant and a partner. I’ve worked with over 150 CRM databases and delivered novel approaches to clients who want more from their data. Together, we have paved new avenues of connection under the umbrella of sophisticated loyalty programming.


There are new forms of connection. There are new ways to slice data. There are better ways to report on results. A dynamic approach alongside the agility to respond to changing behaviors and changing markets keeps us on a path to re-think, re-deploy, and re-humanize data.

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